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About us

The Modern PowerNap

10 Minutes are enough

Get back and relax – with our SONICBAND

How does it work?

We stimulate the positive points on your forehead to create an immersive field of relaxation. You feel like being in that scenery and can fully concentrate on your body and how to slow down

What to come?

We’re still at the starting point. You’ll read more of us on a frequent base in the upcoming months. In addition we have lots of ideas we’d like to implement in our product. This is possible with our strong partners

How did it start?

Our Story

15 months ago our journey began; we felt the pressure of our society and thought of a solution to get out of that doom loop. Even though the opportunities available to have a break are plenty, we felt the way it’s working just isn’t right. YOGA classes every Wednesday at 7 with work ending at 6 + catching some food and getting the metro just to have a 30 minute potential breakout session? That’s just crazy.

We want to change that, we want everyone to take a break and relax wherever and whenever possible with just a few minutes a day needed and based on personal preferences. You create your own relaxation journey!

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